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Leo Licensing, LLC represents wonderful artists, and maintains this web site as an effective means for introducing their artwork to prospective licensing partners. Owner Jane Randolph has been involved in the art licensing industry for many years, and fully understands the importance of providing timely service with a commitment to excellence. “Leo Licensing, LLC has a solid industry reputation as a reliable, service oriented art licensing firm, that delivers on time… every time.”

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Top Artists / Painters of All Time

Throughout history, we have witnessed great artists that have made a mark themselves by doing what they do best. Be it, painters or musicians; we were never short of pure and rich talent. When it comes to painters, there are specific names that have hit the right chords and also pages on our history books. So, to make matters simple and to give a proper tribute, here are some of the top artists or painters of all time.

1. Leonardo Da Vinci

Painter, scientist, inventor are few of the names that are associated with the ionic name of Leanardo Da Vinci. He lived during the period of Renaissance and made magic through his very own fingers. In terms of his contributions, he can be classified as one of the most famous painters of all time. His iconic works include Last Supper and the Mona Lisa.

2. Rembrandt

When it comes to art and realism, there are a few names that pop in the list. Among them, the top name has to be Rembrandt, and the Dutch master is no less of a legend. The Jewish Bride and The Storm of the Sea of Galilee are some of his works that are remembered forever. His style was unique and different to this very day.

3. Michelangelo

Like Leonardo, Michelangelo also has numerous names credited to himself. He was a painter, architect and sculptor that made classics in all art forms. To this day, everyone remembers him for his work on the Sistine Chapel. The place has some vivid images on the ceiling, and that is the major highlight of the whole place. Although he was an artist during the period of Renaissance, his name rings bells even in the 21st Century.

4. Vincent Van Gogh

Sunflowers, The Starry Night, Cafe Terrace at Night are some of the early works of Vincent Van Gogh. He was a Dutch impressionist painter that took the world by storm with each and every work. The sense of style and uniqueness that he brought to the table was well appreciated, and a long list of admirers was here to follow.

5. Pablo Picasso

Unlike the other Pablo, Pablo Picasso was talented and focused his strength towards creating art that took shape in the form of life. Guernica and Bird of Peace are two of his most notable works that shaped the future. He was a Spanish Painter that lived between 1881-1973.

6. Auguste Renoir

Auguste Renoir was a French painter and one of the early pioneers of impressionism. His famous works include Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette and On the Terrace. Most of them were influenced by the Italian Renaissance.

10 Cool Halloween Paintings

Halloween Paintings

With Halloween right around the corner people are trying to find the right painting which can scare everyone away. Most people seem to find it hard to find the right kind of painting which can  catch them a drift. If you want to get your house turned all creative there are certain paintings that you can do to make sure that you have the right scare planned with the spooky entrance.

Dripping Skeleton Oil Painting

Skeletons will never go old and a Halloween is incomplete without at least one skeleton. Get searching for your skeleton scare that can get you set for the Halloween mood.

Oil Painting


Want something stylish, elegant yet spooky the Original Whichyle can give you the goose bumps in the most stylish way. All you have to do is wish for it and you will have it. Take to the next level by dressing the like the picture and start you scare journey.

Michael Myers Parody Painting Print

Love Michael Myers horrors and want to to bring one onto your wall. A Michael Myers Parody painting print can give you all the goose bumps that is required to make the move scene repeat in your brain.

Stranger Things Parody Painting Print

Stranger Things are all the rage today which can get the right attention from the right audience. Stranger thing is an American Gothic parody which revolves around a bunch of students. The painting which is specifically mentioned here is of Eleven and the Demogorgon is just scary enough for people to think of the real scene.

Danielle And The Devil Art Print

This is not as scary but can is an amazing halloween wall art which can easily catch the attention of the eye. The girl is well dressed but the face is cut of the frame and the dog looking back at you with in devil horns is the stuff of nightmares.

Hocus Pocus Acrylic Canvas Painting

This painting is inspired by everybody’s favourite movie Hocus Pocus. This is pretty much the painting that you need in your house to set the mood for the Halloween weekend. This is one movie that can never get old even for an adult.

Haunted Room Original Painting Print

This is one edgy picture that can get everyone guessing. The whole room is set with a dress handing which is very beautiful but when you see the reflection in the mirror which is when the spook factor adds in as you can see a face of women.

Vampire Pop Art Painting

Want something from the recent pop movies, this paining is a rendition to them. This is an image of a vampire with a blood thirsty vampire with blood.

The Best Websites to Sell Art Online

The online market is the right market that helps your business grow in ways that you cannot imagine. Regardless of the kind of business that you have in mind, this vast market is here to help you out and make ways that will generate money. When it comes to art, this space guarantees a lot thanks to its scope of demand. But you cannot sell art without having a proper direction. This is where websites come into place, and some of them make sure to give you what you want. So, to make matters easy, here are some of the best websites that help you sell art.


If you have ever scrolled through websites that sell art, then Singulart is a popular name that would have popped up during the search. With 50,000+ carefully curated artworks, this establishment is a global hub for artists for more than 80 countries. With all this in mind, the current situation is no different. A dedicated team is right here to make sure that every part of your plan works to the fullest.


ArtPal is a popular website that helps artists all around the world to take the lead forward with their art. With ArtPal, you need not pay membership fees, commission or any such forms of payment. Their unique way of marketing helps your art grow in the right direction. The instructions that the organisation puts forward are easy, and you can start doing all the tasks in a matter of time. So, visit ArtPal and create a gallery.


Variety and options are two terms that blend well when it comes to Artfinder. The kind of approach that they put on the table is something that can be understood by anyone. So, with Artfinder, you can also be divided based on ranking, and that ensures visibility. In the end, your art form will be appreciated from all corners depending upon the kind of quality that you project.


Artists from all over the world might have one thing in common, and Displate is that very thing. The type of designs that they display are unique in their own way and have a certain sense of style. Membership is totally free, so all you need to do is to upload your art. Other activities such as printing, customer service and marketing are things that are taken care of by Displate. For every purchase, you will get a commission and also around 25% extra of the total sale. So, if you are an artist but want to find ways to promote your artwork, then this list has all the right answers. Hence, take art higher and keep growing.